TriStar Support Plans



Support Plans

TriStar offers  support plans for all editions of the Sage 50 and Sage Timeslips products we support, which can either enhance or replace the standard Sage BusinessCare plan.

Sage Software, like many technology companies today, is migrating to a “subscription-based” licensing approach for their products, with telephone support and license updates “bundled” into the annual subscription fee. Sage calls this licensing approach “BusinessCare.” All new Sage subscription licensees are automatically enrolled in a BusinessCare subscription from Sage, for a period of one year from date of purchase, and are required to renew this subscription annually in order to obtain either license upgrades or new software licenses.

The telephone support available in the BusinessCare Plan from Sage focuses exclusively on technical issues and strict product functionality, not on the more common business-related “Best Practice” questions we encounter so often in the field. Sage support staff routinely refer such questions to Sage Certified Consultants – such as the Wizards at TriStar – for resolution, with such calls then billed to the client.

To address this perceived “service gap” TriStar has designed a Contracted Service Plan which offers two simple service choices, and covers any edition of the Sage 50 or Sage Timeslips products, whether or not presently supported by Sage:

We believe that our Comprehensive Support Plan will meet the needs of many clients who want a single source of support from trusted business advisors who understand both their software and their business issues, and who prefer to make one single payment to one source for all of their Sage support needs.

Our Support-Only Service Plan is a good fit for smaller firms with limited support needs, or for firms that have already contracted with an IT service provider for software installation and related services.

Please feel free to contact TriStar at [email protected] if you have any questions about our Contracted Support Plans, or if you wish to purchase an annual contract.